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Kellie B.

Men meeting in conference room.

“Bonnie has been a “lifesaver” to me and my close friends.  Her passion and commitment to the client and family is evident in all of her interactions.  My friend was in a car accident and sustained a head injury several years ago.  He uses a wheelchair and needs assistance with most of his daily care.  Bonnie assisted with matching my friends to a new lift van which affords them with reliable, comfortable, and functional transportation, but Bonnie’s support has extended beyond this.  Her resource connections have been most helpful including how to do things in the most affordable ways.  You just mention something and Bonnie has a connection.  Life is easier to navigate both physically and emotionally with Bonnie in it.  She truly listens to what the client needs and wants.  As my friend says, Bonnie truly “cares” about us and we know we can count on her.  We are so thankful that she has chosen this career path.   It is a perfect “fit”.”