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Home Modification Offerings

Accessible Solutions for Your Lifestyle

Accessible home modificationsWhen Stalls Medical is contacted regarding an individual who may need accessible home modifications the process usually involves the following:

“What do you want to accomplish?” is a good start to our conversations about home modifications. Our approach is consultative.

We work with the best vendors to meet the specific needs of our clients. All installations are performed and serviced by Stalls Medical factory trained technicians.

We help our clients stay in their homes safely.


Accessible Home Modifications Offered

We offer numerous options when it comes to stairlifts for your home, including straight, curved and outdoor models of stairlifts. We enhance mobility within your home.

Vertical Platform Lifts
There are a variety of heights and configurations for vertical platform lifts. It is our goal to bring greater independence and mobility through this equipment and to find the correct fitting platform lift to instal seamlessly into your environment.

Patient Transfer Systems
Floor Lifts, Ceiling Mounted Lifts and Portable Lifts all are considerations for extra mobility and independence. Stalls wants to help our customers make the right decisions for their lifestyle, plus make proper adjustments when needed.

Automatic Door Openers
Again, mobility and independence is the key, and Automatic Door Openers are a great addition to any accessible home. Automatic Door Openers I a great way to bring more movement back to your life.

Aluminum Ramps
Threshold Ramps, Portable Ramps, Modular Ramps and Suitcase Ramps are effective options for effectively navigating the home landscape. Stalls Medical can custom fit ramps to help you maneuver better with less effort.

Home Modifications Gallery

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