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Bobby W.

Friends sharing a meal.

“My wife and I were told about Stalls Medical and Cason after meeting with another company to work on getting a wheel chair for my wife. We were just left very un-impressed with the first company we met with and learned we did not have to just settle for someone. Needing a wheel chair and seat lift for our Tahoe, well this was all a new experience for us. After meeting with Cason to talk about my wife’s needs the difference in his presentation and the other experience we had was night and day. We left that meeting feeling Cason had really put our best interest up front and not knowing how this process worked told us things and did things we had not even been told about. Its emotional enough having to do something like this in the first place, but Casons personality and attitude made a huge difference. The entire team at Stalls Medical has really been great to work with.”