Lisa W.

“Cason was courteous and helpful in getting the wheel chair as promised, thoroughly making sure it was what I needed in a wheelchair. When delivered he made sure it fit to spec’s and explained thoroughly the operation. Very pleased with him and chair.”

Lela W.

“Cason was very thorough when giving instructions about the power chair. It is a beautiful piece of equipment and I appreciate all the time Cason took when measuring for my custom chair. It’s perfect and I am so happy to have it.”

Amanda B.

“Stall’s Medical as a whole is an awesome company and Charles is an extremely awesome technician/mechanic. I prefer him over any technician that’s worked on my chair. I’m extremely happy with him and he does an awesome job.”

Tucker T.

“Todd knows each of his clients well enough to go the extra mile to make sure whatever he orders for them will be more than what they would ever expect!!! From here on he will be the only one ordering my chair.”

Sue J.

“The whole team was great as usual. The guy that installed my EZ Lock bracket was great- even vacuumed out my van. Cason, as usual, was very professional and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t buy a chair from anyone else!”

Carla S.

“I am sending a warm “Thank You” to each and every one of you for being so diligent in making sure that my wheel chair and cushions are providing the maximum comfort while I heal from my recent fall. This type of personal care and concern is a rare treat in this fast-pacing world with… Read more »

Mobility & Rehab Offerings

Mobility Products that Fit Stalls Medical prides itself on being able to successfully match the right person with the right piece of equipment. Our staff is able to pull from a large spectrum of complex rehab and mobility products to help make you more independent and efficient. The team approach with therapists and your physician… Read more »

Brands & Vendors

Stairlifts & Platform Lifts Stalls Medical offers many types of stairlifts including Curved Stairlifts, Straight Stairlifts, Outdoor Stairlifts, and Platform Lifts. Every home is unique, so let us configure the right stair lift for your situation: Home Elevators & Patient Transfer Systems From Ceiling Lifts, Floor Lifts, Portable Lifts and Elevators, Stall Medical brings knowledge… Read more »

Brands & Vendors

Quality Mobility and Complex Rehab Equipment Brands Stalls offers an immense selection of manual and power mobility and complex rehab equipment, but that’s not where it ends!  We are a family owned, service oriented, team approach company that strive to assist our clients in obtaining enhanced independence and mobility.  From custom seating and positioning for… Read more »

Customer Feedback

Hear from Our Accessible Mobility Customers We place a high priority on the satisfaction of our accessible mobility customers and pride ourselves on delivering great service. Here’s what our customers had to say.