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Thinking inside the Box (2 Hours)
Selecting the best seating system for a client is crucial for not only his/her overall function, but also health. This two-hour seminar focuses on the clinical rationale for standard cushion and back choices along the continuum of seating. Participants will gain an understanding of how materials and design play specific roles in selecting the proper wheelchair cushion and back. In addition, examples of customizations which can be made to standard cushions and backs will be provided (including potential clinical applications for each customization).

Optimal Configuration (2 Hours)
Although the weight of the frame of an ultralight manual wheelchair is a critical component for selection, there are additional components that effect the efficiency and function of the manual wheelchair. This course will examine those components with regard to weight and function. The participant will be able to identify these components and justify their use.

Discovering Independence (2 Hours)
Independence through power mobility can be life changing for a client with physical disabilities. From standard joysticks, proportional head arrays, to proximity switches there are numerous types of input devices an individual can use to drive a power wheelchair. However, selecting the drive control is only one piece of solving the drive control mystery. Determining the best place to mount a drive control device and the equipment needed to make that happen can be challenging. During this two hour seminar participants be introduced to a variety of equipment, adaptations, and concepts that may improve their clients’ level of success with finding greater independence through power mobility.

Saturday, June 8, 2019:
7:30-8:00am – Registration (continental breakfast provided)
8:00-10:00am – “Thinking Inside the Box: Modifying standard cushions and backs to best support your clients”
10:00-10:15am – Break
10:15-12:15pm – “Optimal Configuration: Examining the components of ultralight manual wheelchairs”
12:15-1:00pm – Lunch (provided)
1:00-3:00pm – “Discovering Independence: Standard & Alternative Input Drive Controls”

CREDIT HOURS: 6 Contact Hours Total (.6 CEUs – IACET approved)

For registration information please contact:

Phone: 919-233-0732 – Ask for Ken or Jewell